Philippe Geluck, Le Cat's Whiskers

Philippe Geluck is a Belgian humourist, writer, illustrator, actor, comic, star of stage and screen (the small one), and the French-speaking world's most popular and successful cartoonist.

He is someone to whom the not-always-flattering epithet Big in Belgium can be genuinely applied - a phrase actually coined by Queen Victoria about Philippe Geluck during one of her trips to visit her Uncle Leopold. Most famously Geluck is the creator of Le Cat (or Le Chat as it is written on his birth certificate). Twelve million copies of his 20 albums (yes 12 mill!) have been sold since Le Cat was born 30 years ago, mostly in (the few remaining ...) Francophone countries.



Cartoon [noun]: a humorous drawing in a newspaper or magazine, often with words written below or in speech bubbles; a series of drawings that tell a story, especially a funny story.

a. Geluck cartoon [compound noun]: a humourous drawing or series of drawings, most often involving a fat talking cat, post-modernised archive images, and edible mice; all Geluck cartoons carry a health warning as their surreal and absurdist content has caused irreparable brain damage in some unprepared readers.



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'The Bible according to The Cat'

Doubt is out! Light is the new Dark! 'The Bible according to The Cat' answers all the questions that have tormented humans since the dawn of time. And helps us understand why it's been such a bloody stupid waste of time doing nothing but massacre each other ever since.

This is Philippe Geluck's first full-length story, of the creation of the world by God Le Cat and his sidekick Steve the Sheep, and he invents a whole bunch of hilarious characters - human and animal. From the first living creatures (quite moronic and therefore destined to be wiped out) to Adam (only slightly less stupid), no creature escapes Geluck's scathing and hysterical graphics tablet. He nails the creationists and settles scores with those who would have us burn in hell. Yes, you can laugh at everything, and yes, it does you good to dust off the old dogmas because, as someone once famously might have said, God is Laughter.